SwissFlex Eyephorics (Polished) - Colors 1 of 3 Eyeglasses

SwissFlex Eyephorics (Polished) - Colors 1 of 3 from all around the world are offered at the online optical superstore with the best fashion collections. Find Mens, Womens, Black and more SwissFlex Eyephorics (Polished) - Colors 1 of 3 online for sale in our vast selection of eyewear. Over thousands of styles are available to choose from our wide variety of SwissFlex Eyephorics (Polished) - Colors 1 of 3. You can find the perfect pair to complement your facial features and style. Save time, money, and order frames conveniently from the touch of your mobile device or keyboard, or give us a call any time of the day for assistance. Our live eyewear experts are here to serve you. If you have seen a lower price on SwissFlex Eyephorics (Polished) - Colors 1 of 3, please let us know using the price match request form. Free shipping is available, 30-day returns and an included minimum 1-year warranty are what to expect when buying your frames from the online optical superstore, since 1999.

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SwissFlex Eyephorics (Polished) - Colors 1 of 3 Eyeglasses

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The SwissFlex Eyephorics modular frame system ensures optimum vision and best wearing comfort. This highly customizable frame comes in a variety of lens shapes, sizes, colors and finishes. Each individual frame component can be mixed and matched to your liking for a custom personalized look. 

Ordering Information

  1. Choose a Color
    The frame components will all come in the single color selected unless otherwise specified in the Comments Section of the order (on checkout page). The different frame components available in color: Front Hinges,  Bridge, and Temples.

  2. Choose a Nosepad & Bridge/Temple Size
    Choose between a 140mm standard straight temple with black tips or 160mm cable temple. Bridge sizes available in 18mm (Standard) or 16mm (Small). M1 nosepad is Standard in the Eyephorics, however different nosepad options can be seen in the SwissFlex Nosepad Brochure

  3. Choose a Lens Shape / Size
    The lens shape and size must be entered in the Comments Section of the order (on checkout page). If not provided, the unit will come unassembled without any pattern or drill chart. The different lens shapes and sizes may be found in the SwissFlex Lens Shapes & Size Guide

The SwissFlex Eyephorics (Polished) - Colors 1 of 3 is a perfect choice of Eyeglasses from the sensational SwissFlex collection. These exciting Eyeglasses have a compelling arrangement of sensational features. A green or other hue mixed with white, a shade being mixed with black. a greenish blue color, based on the gem of the same name. If you're looking for something masculine, look no further. These frames are specifically designed for men. Crafted from plastic and carefully constructed to display a bold look and stylish flair. Burgundy is a dark red color associated with the Burgundy wine of the same name. If you're looking for something feminine, look no further. These frames are specifically designed for women. Feel secure with cable temples gripping your ears preventing the frames from slipping down the nose. Maximize wearing comfort with adjustable nose pads for a better fit and added comfort. Metallic gray but livelier, more playful. Item ranges in price between $200 and $300. This eyewear is eligible for prescription lens installation. It’s nature’s color for water and sky. If you're looking for something that's compatible with bi-focal or progressive lenses, then you've found it. It is fully rimmed along the edges to give a sense of completeness, lens security, toleration and absolute style. Get down-to-earth when you use brown colors. a combination of the color red and white, a hue that can be described as a tint Black is the most common color seen in the dark. Is an intermediate color between black and white. Subtract unnecessary weight and distractions wearing these minimal rimless glasses which make you look (and feel) like you're practically wearing nothing at all. Normally white light is considered to have all wavelengths (colors) of light in it. The highly customizable three-piece chassis does not come assembled. It is designed specifically to accept a variety of lens shapes..

By looking at the SwissFlex Eyephorics (Polished) - Colors 1 of 3 you can tell SwissFlex does a fantastic job in revealing all the great qualities in these Mens Eyeglasses. The various traits distinctively found adorned all throughout the SwissFlex Eyephorics (Polished) - Colors 1 of 3 are truly fascinating. The different options available for the SwissFlex Eyephorics (Polished) - Colors 1 of 3 exist to suite those looking for Eyeglasses specifically made for the right style and physical features; Color 10 Transparent (140 Temple Only),Color 11 Amber,Color 12 Brown Transparent,Color 13 Burgundy,Color 15 Ice Blue,Color 16 Violet-Transparent,Color 19 Smokey,Color 20 Silver,Color 21 Gunblack,Color 31 Black,Color 33 Green,Color 34 Mint,Color 35 Pink transparent,Color 37 Cinnamon,Color 51 Peach,Color 52 Brownish,Color 53 Ashen,Color 54 Cherry,Color 61 Amethyst,Color 62 Turquoise,Size 0 - 18 S ¬ 140,Size 0 - 18 M1 ¬ 140,Size 0 - 18 M2 ¬ 140,Size 0 - 18 L ¬ 140,Size 0 - 18 Asian ¬ 140,Size 0 - 16 S ¬ 140,Size 0 - 16 M1 ¬ 140,Size 0 - 16 M2 ¬ 140,Size 0 - 16 L ¬ 140,Size 0 - 16 Asian ¬ 140,Size 0 - 18 S ¬ 160 Cable,Size 0 - 18 M1 ¬ 160 Cable,Size 0 - 18 M2 ¬ 160 Cable,Size 0 - 18 L ¬ 160 Cable,Size 0 - 18 Asian ¬ 160 Cable,Size 0 - 16 S ¬ 160 Cable,Size 0 - 16 M1 ¬ 160 Cable,Size 0 - 16 M2 ¬ 160 Cable,Size 0 - 16 L ¬ 160 Cable,Size 0 - 16 Asian ¬ 160 Cable.

Feel at ease buying SwissFlex Eyephorics (Polished) - Colors 1 of 3 from an online authorized reseller of SwissFlex. These Eyeglasses made by SwissFlex are brand new & 100% authentic and carry a one year minimum warranty. Get your own SwissFlex Eyephorics (Polished) - Colors 1 of 3 today.

Category: Eyeglasses
Gender: Mens , Womens
Color: Black , Gunmetal , Silver , Crystal , Brown , Forest , Burgundy , Pink , Turquoise , Blue
Material: Plastic
Brand: SwissFlex
Rim Type: Full Rim , Rimless
Frame Type: Chassis
Temple Type: Cable
Bridge Type: Nosepads
Rx Eligibility: Prescription , Bi-Focal/Progressive
Price Range: $200 - $300
Link Map: View Link Map
Item ID #: 262856 (#126958)
Case for SwissFlex Eyephorics (Polished) - Colors 1 of 3 Eyeglasses
Designer Case Included

*Manufacturer packaging shown for SwissFlex Eyephorics (Polished) - Colors 1 of 3 Eyeglasses may vary based on product style. Image shown is only a sample of the case provided with the SwissFlex Eyephorics (Polished) - Colors 1 of 3 Eyeglasses.

About SwissFlex

SwissFlex ultra-light frames are especially comfortable to wear. The very first time you put one on you will experience the «wow-effect» – Swissflex  is just different!

Truly Innovative and highly customizable design puts this collection in a league of it's own. The SwissFlex modular frame system consists of numerous parts in a variety of colors, which can be mix & matched together for endless combinations. Best wearing comfort with adaptable nosepads and temple types. Stylish with a wide variety of colors, finishes, sizes and shapes. 

Swissflex frames are constructed of High Technology Polymer that allows comfort, fashion which is hypoallergenic medical engineering material.  The material, design and production of each frame is a 100% made in Switzerland. Each individual frame element is precisely processed with 1/100mm accuracy and tested by hand – an innovative high-tech product!

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SwissFlex Eyephorics (Polished) - Colors 1 of 3 Eyeglasses
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